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    2pac - Only Fear Of Death

    Sicko Five*

    por Sicko Five*

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    (The Mystic Voice in the song reversed)

    "God Bless you all..
    i had to worry - to see you there alive - with a law,
    but if you - believe in a Law!..
    these Nebuzars pilot as it..
    in all day..
    You have to watch your back if you walk..heyhey..
    God Bless you all...
    I Feel you..[(UKS:United Kings Doms or UCS?)] knew it I..MISS..YOU! (of .... on you??) I..MISS..YOU....... ALL.....I MISS YOU ALL!..........I MISS YA!.............I MISS YA!........... Believe me..

    [i cutted the verse singed but i think there is many things too]

    I HOPE
    Do You will live
    (????? use known)
    I Be There For You"

    -I m not saying is alived or died, but i think this song is really special.. If you listen another thing please tell me cuz i'm not Yankee, i'm undurstanding with Phonetic nuthin else.

    Fuck The Sytem