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    Plateau Montréal

    Sol Lang

    by Sol Lang

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    trop bonne video^^ :-) ;) !
    By rogina35 years ago
    I love your video!!!
    Its like I am right there, I don't get to Montreal nearly as much as I would like.
    This the way it really is and your video evokes feelings of nostalgia.
    The music is haunting and I would love to know the name of the artist and that number that is playing in the background.

    By carolynhicks6 years ago
    This video is creative in its own right, but it almost made me cancel my trip to Montreal. Le Plateau comes off as a ghetto, a true slum area, in this video. Graffiti can be seen in my hometown. I think the area deserves a more positive image.
    By tommytermite8 years ago
    Guy ROWART
    sYMPAT LES IMAGES pas besoin de commentaires on voit que c'est pris sur le vif sans besoin d'artiffices merci de nous faire vivre ces moments on a l'impression d'y être... un merci d'ici...
    By Guy ROWART10 years ago
    Xray Concept - Arts et Spectacles Visuels
    Durocher> Outremont.... ! ;-)
    Souvenirs... ça me rappelle des choses...
    Jolie visite... très nostalgique... la musique Tzigane c'est souvent comme ça...
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