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    Giantess vs Short people

    Tall Paoki

    με Tall Paoki

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    es realmente impresionante Bunny Glamazon, la más alta
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    Από canola10 χρονια πριν
    nvr2tallluvr .
    The t-a-l-l blonde giantess is none other than 6'3"(191cm.) Bunny Glamazon form Illinois(U.S.A.), in this video would stand about 6'7"(201cm.) in the heels she's wearing. Normally for the videos she does,she wears 8" Super heels making her a t-o-w-e-r-i-n-g 6'11"(211cm.) The Exotic dancer standing next to Bunny is Crystal Storm,& though considerably shorter, obviously has MUCH larger breasts. I love 'em both,but particularly the taller 1.
    Από nvr2tallluvr .10 χρονια πριν