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HOT HOT HOT - the new Fightplace film again sums up what our fighters are good at. Hot Wrestling Submission action with sporty types, they show that on the mat everything is possible. Chesko and Jan (a new fighter and a real surprise), come from a Wrestling tournament and Chesko has won a cup there. Now feeling really proud, he wants to teach Jan a few tricks. However, he has not calculated on the fact that Jan already
has some good skills and Chesko must find a lot of strength to defeat the slightly smaller Jan. Suddenly Slavek and Basti enter the space and make fun of Chesko's cup. They start a violent and extreme strength
measuring. Slavek and Basti, in the beginning still in street clothes, line up successively against Jan and Chesko. A really hard Submission tournament with many interesting Scenes await you during these approx. 75 minutes!
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4 Kommentare

ab sekunde 50-boa ey! voller Griff in die Eier und im String die Glieder...sbber
Von Ben Zien letztes Juli
that is soooo hottttt...
Von zodofnod vor 5 Jahren
Von jst555 vor 6 Jahren
Sieht cool aus! Doch wieso werden nur mehr so irre kurze Clips gespeichert? Da kann man sich ja überhaupt nix drunter vorstellen.
Von cycl_kufboy vor 6 Jahren