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    H.A.C.K.S.A.W transmission 1


    by thechaosnetwork

    Hacksaw is in direct communication with the penulitmate hacker located high in the building adjacent to
    hers and is feeding him Intel on approaching soldiers which we see via security cams. He tells her he’s
    found it! The ultimate secret. The one they’re hunting us for! She pleads for him to get out but he knows
    it’s too late “Oh my god there insane, you have to stop them, Get the signal out! Tell everyone you can. He
    screams “Hacksaw barada nik….”. Hacksaw spins to see the adjacent buildings floor explode out into a
    fireball “NO!”

    We realize the preceding sequence was pre-recorded when Hacksaw appears on screen stating “I only got a
    fragment of a jpeg before they killed him”, which she shows us (a strange biological image)
    she doesn’t have much time, she is the last of her kind and now they will now stop at nothing to prevent
    her exposing their secrets to the world.

    As the signal degrades Hacksaw appears one last time to state “This is Hacksaw, now we are watching