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    BERT WEEDON - Guitar Boogie Shuffle

    Frédéric BÂ

    par Frédéric BÂ

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    Bert Weedon, best known for creating the popular tutorial manual Play In A Day, has died aged 91.
    Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Brian May and Ray Teret ( are among the stars who learned to play guitar from his books.
    Ray Teret says “When I was still at school I work on a milk round and the rounds man was very kind and guaranteed a loan for me to buy a guitar the same as Joe Browns and I learned to play Guitar Boogie Shuffle from his book”
    A few months later I heard that someone was auditioning for a guitarist; I went to the audition and got the job playing rhythm guitar to Bert Weedon on the Woodbine Cigarette Shirley Bassey tour around the country. Backing Bert Weedon in the first part of the show and then, Shirley Bassey as top of the bill.
    Meeting and sitting back stage with Bert learning chords and chatting was a dream for a young lad, I was very lucky and also got paid whilst still at school ( I played truant for 6 weeks phew}.
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