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    MVP Strategy: Working your Way to Successful IM

    Joel Christopher

    by Joel Christopher

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    The MVP strategy is a technique which successful internet marketing guru Joel Christopher also known as The MasterListBuilder has come up in order to help aspiring internet marketers become successful in their internet marketing business.

    The MVP strategy stands for Mission, Vision and Passion. You first have to know these three variables in order for you to become successful in internet marketing.

    Knowing your mission is a crucial step for successful internet marketing. Try doing this exercise called the rocking chair exercise. Visualize yourself as an 85 year old person in your rocking chair and as you sit, you look and think back of the things which you have done in your school, work, family and church. By doing so, you would be able to realize the things that you want to do and eventually your mission. Knowing your mission will help you become successful in whatever endeavors that you want. In this case, internet marketing.

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