Are You An Adobe Photo Shop Guru?

Martin Hurley
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  • Add to - There's no reason why YOU can't become an Adobe Photo Shop Guru, is there?

Isn't it just a matter of the right knowledge and some ongoing, committed learning? Hey, as you progress through a few Photoshop tutorials you'll be heading towards 'expert' status in no time at all.

Just think of the cool factor... wake up and open the Cinema Display, lovely aroma of coffee... got 5 friendly design projects for clients to do (too easy!)... in the relaxed comfort of your own home...

Eh, how does call your own shots, work your own hours, write your own paychecks sound...?

Once you get the basics of digital photo editing down, master a few Photoshop photo effects, get incredibly inspired by using all those cool Photoshop plugins...

You'll be unstoppable!

Don't forget to hang the 'Genius At Work' sign on your door...

And the best thing? People who can't 'do' Photoshop (will) think you're the expert!

Even if you're not (yet), they'll still be amazed by your digital photo software skills as you click a few buttons and magically transform average pictures into beautiful works of art!

And when other people think you're the expert then they're happy to pay you to do work for them...


I'm sure you get the picture!

So, what's stopping YOU from becoming an Adobe Photo Shop guru?!