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    How to Get FREE Melaleuca Business Leads That Pay YOU Money!


    by NMConsultant


    So, qualified business opportunity leads - probably one of the most popular and sought after things in your Melaleuca home business and company.

    Unfortunately, people are still being taught that they should go prospect people or spend money and buy supposedly 'qualified' leads. Not only is that not very effective and a huge waste of time; but you are leaving money on the table because there ARE tons of free leads (people looking for what you have to offer) available to you all over the place that will actually pay YOU money FIRST before they even see your Melaleuca business opportunity or Melaleuca products!

    That may sound crazy to you because most people are SPENDING money on leads and then trying to 'convince' - but, yes you can get paid to generate your own leads who actually ARE interested in what you offer and don't have objections.

    So, how do YOU do that?


    My video here explains it all!

    * Now, after you watch the video...

    Here's a trusted place to go that will give you access to top notch training and resources to offer - AND will show you how to effectively market to the people who are already looking and paying for this stuff right now:

    Helping you succeed,

    Scott Rogers
    Network Marketing Consultant/Trainer/Coach http://www.TheNetworkMarketingConsultant.comhttp://www.BestHomeBusinessSystem.comhttp://www.NewMarketingStyle.comhttp://www.ProspectsandProfit.com

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