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    TIP From The European Master Technician


    by sopmot

    This much sought after gem of the remote past is often seen on E-bay, and here is some sound advice from the European Master Technician: Be aware!!! These ads typically state something like: “The lights work and the tape runs", or "no fast forward and rewind, but a few belts will do the trick with a link to a belt seller". Be careful, this machine requires an extraordinary experienced technician to bring it up to specs. One of the reasons why the ff/rew does not work after 20 years of playing is that the rubber tire hardens caused by free radical attack and consequently looses its friction properties, yet another reason is that the rubber belt between the ff/rewind motor and an idler shaft stretches and that is not all folks, the tire on the idler wheel needs to be replaced. So here are already not one but three reasons to have this problem and you know what, there is only one single belt in this ff/rew mechanism, and of course a motor, and...Guess what, this ff/rew motor needs to be taken apart as well in order that the bearings can be lubricated and the commutator polished, the brushes reshaped and the centrifugal switches in the regulator be adjusted. Yet the guys who try to sell you these units say: "Replace the belts, and that will cure it" Of course there are other belts, like the capstan belt that drives the left hand dual capstan and there is one counter belt. By the way all of these will be replaced and... Not with the Taiwanese El-Cheapo belts, but...with American precision ground Highly Dimensionally Stable belts and idlers costing Wholesale 3 times the price of these cheap advertised belts and idlers!! Why such belts you may ask? Well it lowers Wow & Flutter. I have the instruments and test cassettes to measure it!! Moreover if you look at the armature (a part of the ff/rew motor) you also see a before and after view of the commutator. You see the shining difference? Technicians as a rule never repair motors, they just replace them, but unfortunately these motors are no longer available and ...