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Green roofs energy savings. Data from Chicago, Tokyo, California, New York, Australia, Toronto, Germany, Reduction of roof temperature, city climate, heat island reduction, cooling savings, environmental. High rise blocks with ventilation costs. Retrofitting. Open living spaces, carbon-neutral buildings with natural light, renewable power generation. Wind turbines on roofs and solar cells. Payback period of renewable energy generation. Falling solar cell costs. Solar cell demand in Germany. Government subsidies, generous unit payments for home generation electricity. Innovation and new technology. Kwhr. Distortion of energy markets. Economies of scale. Cost per unit falling. Economy, global warming, energy conservation and real estate industry. Environment, environmental change, climate change. Risks in real estate development. Operational and management risks and role of a Futurist. What is a Futurist? Identifying new opportunities in buildings control, environmental regulation. Keeping pace with change in real estate planning and corporate real estate demands. Impact on corporate real estate of mergers and acquisitions. How world getting faster, client demands growing faster. How clients behave illogically in longer term real estate planning. Buildings controls, heating and cooling, retrofitting high rise, office blocks and factories. Building regulations and government action. Longer term real estate planning. Market research limitations and customer expectations, client demands. Architects and buildings design, living space, partitions, ventilation systems, balancing and rebalancing air conditioning. ARBS. Business management video by Dr Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker lecture, author of Futurewise and Building a Better Business. Global warming impact from offices and commercial buildings, skyscrapers, tower blocks and corporate real estate. Energy efficiency and energy consumption of commercial buildings and office blocks. ...