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Bug Party - Fun Educational Learning (By CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC) - Best Learnig Apps - iOS / Android

2 года назад1 views



* Answer questions and play 16 mini-games to help your bug advance to the finish line\r
* Discover, learn and play with beetles, ladybugs, bees and more\r
* Question packs for a variety of ages let kids and parents play together\r
Its a race to the finish in this board game filled with bugs and adventure! Spin the wheel and answer questions or play mini-games to get closer to victory. Its fun, unique, and most importantly, educational. Kids, parents and even bugs will want keep playing over and over again!\r
Randomized gaming and levels that increase in difficulty enhance replay value from the first time a child plays through mastery of the activities. Fun, beauty and discovery abound in Bug Party. Dont miss out on this buzz-worthy app!\r
• Test your reflexes protecting bugs from falling water droplets in Ant Crossing\r
• Try your luck with Slots, Plinko, and Bottle Caps\r
• Lead your bug to victory in Lost in Maze and Rollie Chase\r
• Improve your memory and observation skills in Matching and Cups\r
• And so much more!\r
• 16 fun mini-games\r
• 3 game modes: Party mode for the full experience, Quick mode for shorter games, or Mini-Game mode\r
• Over 1000 questions across several grade levels keeps content fresh year after year\r
• Question subjects include English, Math, Geometry, Geography, Money, and Trivia\r
• Digitally re-mastered for beautiful life-like graphics and enhanced interactions in the virtual\r
• Bop along to music that kids and parents will love\r
• Adaptive game play for all skill levels\r
• Optimized for iPad Pro & Apple TV\r
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Playstore :

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Bug Party - Fun Educational Learning (By CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC) - Best Learnig Apps - iOS / Android
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