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Carnival Craze - Kids Gameplay Android

2 года назад1 views



Carnival Craze Kids mobile Android Gameplay Full HD\r
Description: Discover a whimsically-themed carnival world right in your hand!\r
Enter Carnival Craze and explore the midway, there are plenty of playful objects to interact. Kids can play three different carnival games, each with a unique theme that tests their problem solving and speed skills\r
⦁ Test your basketball skills in Hoop Shot, an out-of-this-world space-themed carnival tent. \r
⦁ In Dino Pyramid, travel back to the Jurassic time period and knock down piles of dinosaur eggs. \r
⦁ And in Candy Catcher, sort brightly-colored candies into rotating baskets. \r
⦁ Earn Stars for your skills in each game and collect dozens of adorable prizes to store in your very own treasure chest.\r
[Download link];

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Carnival Craze - Kids Gameplay Android
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