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Talking Tom Gold Run Episode 2 Apps for Kids

il y a 2 ans1 views

Go is the word of the month! Pokemon Go! and now Go For The Gold, with the new infinite runner Talking Tom Gold Run, the latest game featuring the ever-so-popular Talking Tom and Friends (which just passed over 4.5 billion downloads, making it one of the most downloaded app franchises worldwide!)\r
Talking Tom Gold Run begins with a robbery, causing the player to run as fast as possible to retrieve the fallen gold bars, dodge obstacles and collect rewards. Each component of the game allows players to ‘Go for the Gold as they help Talking Tom and Friends build their dream homes.\r
The game currently has seven worlds to unlock, including the city, woods and beach. As the completion of each characters house progresses, new building upgrades, characters and running segments become available.\r
Talking Tom Gold Run is free to download on all major platforms and includes the option for in-app purchases, which range in price. The app also contains social features, allowing users to connect with friends through Facebook to see high scores. Check it out!

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Talking Tom Gold Run Episode 2 Apps for Kids
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