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    Aaron Thompson, Ph.D., Conducts Workshop on Racial Profiling

    Betty Givan

    by Betty Givan

    Hugely popular for his workshops on cultural diversity, in this video Dr. Aaron Thompson conducts a workshop on racial profiling in the law enforcement community. Dr. Thompson defines profiling--specifically racial profiling—and then explores the effectiveness of racial profiling, citing the results of various studies on the topic. Dr. Thompson also discusses the circumstances under which profiling is justified and methods of preventing racial profiling. An energetic and appealing speaker, Dr. Thompson presents this workshop on racial profiling with authority and conviction. As a member of the law enforcement community, you will find this exposition indispensable in making decisions with regard to racial profiling.

    The running time of this video is approximately 50 minutes.

    Aaron Thompson, Ph.D., is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and a Professor of Sociology at Eastern Kentucky University. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Kentucky, specializing in Organizational Behavior and Gender and Race Relations. Dr. Thompson has directed workshops and given presentations for many years in the areas of leadership, ethics, race/gender relations, and strategic planning. He is nationally recognized in the areas of educational attainment, human diversity, motivation, and academic success.