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    Aero-TV Gets Turned Inside Out With RC Helicopters! ...

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    A few weeks ago, Aero-TV traveled to Champaign, Illinois, to sample the delights of an all indoor radio-controlled model aircraft event known as E-Fest. It was quite the weekend and we, admittedly, had a great time seeing the best in small model aircraft. While many of the aircraft thrilled us to no end, it was the wild and seemingly non-aerodynamic antics of the RC helicopters that really got our attention. How they work, what you can do with them, and how you can get one for yourself, is the subject of this two part episode of Aero-TV. RC Helicopters were once given a tough rep... being billed as incredibly hard to fly, overtly expensive and endlessly complex. All that has changed - radically. In just the last few years, RC Helis, especially the electric versions, have come down aggressively in price, are available in just about EVERY RC hobby shop, and have become far more easy to fly. This has happened, in large part, due to better design, enhanced stability (and some devices that help them achieve this), and have quite simply become one of the fastest growing segments in model aviation. During the 2008 E-Fest, Aero-TV got the chance to look inside and outside a number of exciting new RV helo models to gain some insight into just how enticing and exciting these aircraft have become. Come Join Aero-TV As We Hover Along With The latest Generation of RC Helicopters. Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc. ALL Rights Reserved. FMI: