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Dolly is a Japanese indie band which is signed under the marder suitcase label. Dolly started activity in 2005 and consisted of Mitsu (vocals), Masa (guitar), Yuina (guitar), Hachi (bass) and Takashi (drums). Takashi, who was the second drummer of Plastic Tree, was only a support-drummer at first, but joined officially later.

They played their first concert in October, 2005 at the Takadanobaba Area theater. and released the PV-single SCREEN OF INDOORS shortly after. Their first single, Pumpkin carriage parade was released on January 13, 2006, the same date they did a live performance at Holiday Shinjuku.

In March 2006, their first Maxi-single 2 ripped sweets was released. Takashi then left Dolly and was replaced by Tsuguki. The mini-album Cynical Closet came out July 26, 2006. Dolly took part in Shock Edge 2006 with their song Yuuyami ni Oboreta Shiroi Balloon.

In November 2006, they released the first part of their Tricolor Opera single-series, Ussetsu Drop, which was followed by Suisai Palette and Shinshoku Rosetta. Each single contained 3 songs and a PV for the title track. The maxi-single Karumezon was released in June, 2007.

In September 2007, Dolly released their first full album jewel's dRIP, which contained previously released songs in addition to eight new songs. Shortly after, Mitsu was hospitalised because of a pneumothorax in his left lung. After his release from the hospital, the band continued on with their jewel's dRIP parade tour.
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