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    this was dumb...

    why is canada safer the the uk and we have less gun cotnrol the they do why is 90% of the us safer then canada when they have less then us why is the district of culumbia the most dagerous place in the US GUN CONTROL THATS WHY why is switzenland the safest place on earth Cause every bud hasd a gun and they have better schools health care smarter people less immigration less people from war torn crime ridden countrys who come to amarica to start a criminal empire

    guns don't cause crime and mansons not to blame for comubine nore is charls heaston rosie odonald is if the teachers had guns columbine would never of happend 30 rounds make killers more deadly my ass cho used 10 round mags and killed how many more people then the two at columbine
    Par AlderTKIl y a 8 ans