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    Old Movies: Escape By Night DVD w/ 1930’s Gangsters ...

    Escape By Night is a dramatic film that simultaneously presents the nineteen thirties version of rough criminal elements and contrasts them with the positive moral outlook of Americans at the time. After getting involved in a shooting, innocent man Nick Allen (William Hall) goes on the run with a gang being chased by the law. Thanks to car trouble, they end up staying at a remote farm. There they meet blind man Pop Adams (Charles Waldron from The Big Sleep) who shows them country hospitality, despite the culture clash. The gangsters start to appreciate the wholesome simple life on the ranch, while Nick Allen falls in love with the old man’s daughter. Everything looks sunny – until the mob boss comes calling for his gangsters back. Escape By Night is a fresh and interesting take on the ethical point of view of the times, as well as an entertaining feature.