Oh My God - A Film by Peter Rodger

Peter Anthony Rodger

by Peter Anthony Rodger

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Tres bien ;)) . ,,...........
By sweetygirl44 5 years ago
Nice Videos? man, never stop please :) btw check out my pics!! ?!
By angelbaby11 5 years ago
I might make a video dedicated for you anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :),....
By BabyAngelzxc 5 years ago
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By cody najim 6 years ago
Dude, I am speechless after watchin this trailer............I am sure the movie's gonna be awesome....We've never met before and I am sure we were born and raised in different parts of this world..... but I think you've just said and done what half of the world feels like including me........I just hope that the other half watches this movie and answers the question you have asked.........Any and I mean ANY religion in the world does not give you the right to take anybody else's life.
Thank you VERY MUCH.....Its because of people like you that people like me still believe there's a chance to make things better.......
By indianguynowinaustralia 6 years ago
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