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    Your Earth Day Headlines Right Here


    by GetTheDaily

    Hollywood no longer glitters in gold. Green is the new bling and it’s a trend that’s catching on. Earth Day extravaganzas are up next! Happy Earth Day from everyone at Get-the-Daily. I’m Dana Ward here with your eco-friendly update. The 39th annual celebration practically resembled that of a red carpet event – but at different locations all over the U-S. Celebs lined-up to support Earth Day and show that green is the new pink! Topanga Earth Day Festival took-over the entire weekend with music, art, lectures, enviro-friendly technology and how-to-go-green workshops. Some stores – such as Legends in Malibu – donated its weekend profit to local environment helpers. Also over the weekend, fans were able to catch tons of musical performances – including the Roots, Ziggy Marley and Menudo – nationwide, as the events are sponsored by the Earth Day Network and the Green Apple Festival. The tour buses are even a bit earth-savvy, getting filled with bio-diesel on the run. And some stars took a more political approach. Zach Braff and Chevy Chase urge Americans to pick-up their phones Tuesday to call the Capitol and tell our decision-makers that solving the climate change is important to us collectively and it needs to be reflected in future policy. The list of green-friendly celebs goes on. B-Spears donated the proceeds from the sale of her clothing from her ‘How I Met Your Mother’ debut to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Leo DiCaprio bought new digs in the very eco-friendly Battery Park City in New York. Edward Norton delivered a speech in a Washington mall in support of going green. A handful of other superstars paid a few grand to take part in a meal made from local foods, all benefits going to the Soil Association. And these are only the events happening BEFORE Earth Day. A whole bunch of super celebs will likely surprise us with more green envy on Tuesday. That’s your Earth Day update for now. From ...