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    Roller Coaster Revolution Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Eric Douglas Ede

    by Eric Douglas Ede

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    In 1976 Revolution became the world's first modern steel roller coaster to feature a 360-degree vertical loop. Standing atop Valencia Falls and the park's entry plaza, this 90-foot tall inverting element became an instant landmark for Magic Mountain. Designed by Werner Stengel and built by Anton Schwarkopf, Revolution has a terrain layout built along Six Flags Magic Mountain's east-facing hillside. The terrain layout begins with several curving drops through the trees before turning thrill-seekers upside down in the famous vertical loop. Spanning 3,457-feet the steel track of Revolution continues with a fast turn and a terrain hugging drop that leads to a dark tunnel before threading through the vertical loop. Some of the thrill comes from the fact that most of Revolution's layout is well hidden by the mountain's dense foliage and trees.