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    My Forest's Tears


    by Films4Conservation

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    Ethnomusicology about the forests of Indonesia; Produced by Gekko Studio, Indonesia including footage from, Handcrafted Films and Telapak.

    The poem is
    Here at one time
    orangutans played joyfully
    eating fruits and leaves of the trees
    swinging between the branches
    generation upon generation for thousands of years

    Here at one time
    the Meranti, Ulin, and Kamper trees
    stood sacredly in great forests
    wild orchids bloomed and faded
    in-synch with the rhythms of the universe

    Here at one time
    the Dayak with their blowpipes
    hunted deer for their dinner
    oo… the plentiful fruit and fish
    abundant healing leaves

    Here at one time
    the sun shone brightly
    pouring its light on the dense rain forest
    chlorophyll turned CO2 to O2
    creating fresh, clean air

    no rain forest remain
    gone are the Dayak and their culture
    gone are the orangutans, only a sad story
    with its historical garbage is left behind

    millions of hectares of dry barren land
    the dried roots of the trees remain
    and huge holes of acid run-off water
    left behind after the coal was sucked dry

    the red sun shines
    watching officials, businessmen,
    and foreign investors greedily cut down the trees
    planted and nurtured over thousands of years

    Oh, my people … my people
    nowadays …
    angry Mother Earth sends floods
    thousands of innocents lose belongings and lives
    while the sinners play golf with their mistresses

    Aach … my forest laments
    its eyes are swollen
    its mouth gasps for breath

    Oh ….
    you will see when the islands are drowning
    the deserts expanding
    disasters grow more violent … disasters grow more violent.

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