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    Tiger Rag - Roman Dixieland Few Stars

    Michael Supnick

    per Michael Supnick

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    Live at the Cotton Club - Rome, Italy.
    Michael Supnick - cornet, trombone
    Gianni Sanjust - clarinet
    Michele Pavese - trombone, leader
    "Peter" Ricci - banjo
    Gianluca Galvani - Sousaphone

    Realization and editing by Antonio Parisi

    "Tiger Rag" is a jazz standard, originally recorded by the Original Dixieland Jass Band in 1917.

    The tune was first recorded on 17 August, 1917 by the Original Dixieland Jass Band for Aeolian-Vocalion Records. The Aeolian Vocalion sides did not sell well, as they were recorded in a vertical format becoming obsolete at the time which could not be played successfully on most contemporary phonographs. Their second recording of the tune on 25 March, 1918 for Victor Records, on the other hand, was a smash national hit. The song was credited to O.D.J.B. members Nick La Rocca, Eddie Edwards, Henry Ragas, Tony Sbarbaro, and Larry Shields, along with Harry Da Costa.

    After Original Dixieland Jass Band records, the tune gained national popularity. Dance band and march orchestrations were published for the benefit of bands that couldn't get the hang of the new "jazz" music.