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    LYNX #108

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    And finally, I have the return of the Charlotte Trolley, he is back in service after a year being out of service while the light rail was being built, and now it is back but currently it will only operate on the weekends. And plus this comes 2 days after that Silo fell on the tracks halting service for several hours. And last, we got LYNX #108 headed Northbound running on a single train.
    Now, We will be in Belmont Wednesday, and I heard they might have special event that has to Do with the Olympics, and I will need to call somebody this before I arrive there, and if something occurs downtown, we could cash in on it and I'll do a Special edition of The Tran77 Show or if it is too packed to go, i'll come up with a back up plan on railfanning. We will make sure we get out there this week, Saturday, I'll be at The NC Transportation Museum for Rail Days with Clint Renegar, BJ Preddy and lots of the areas top railfans as we gather up for a day of railfanning and also fun. Don't Miss it!!!!!!