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    Gucci Mane - My Kitchen

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    Von ..... ........Vor 7 Jahren
    Check out more Gucci and Mixtapes on my blog
    Von pphillips1992Vor 7 Jahren
    Ceciley Davis
    I Love You Gucci Mane Because You That Shit
    Von Ceciley DavisVor 7 Jahren
    Rich Mundo
    Gucci tell C-Murder its a lifestyle, yeeeahhhhh ayyyyy who that is, its just me, I feel the master cause he me, yeeeeeaaaah, I talk through my nose, cause Im snotty, Rude Attitude, Ill treat ya wife like ya bottom chic and ya jit, kick me out, they trying to thug it out, Call up Dick Cheney tell him wipe them out, then Ill wipe his moms car down, thats how we keep our hitmen CLean, yeeeeaaaaah, Pyrex, naaaw Recyclable Microwave wear, to much residue in my Microwave, So I know my sister getting Money, YAAAA oy ojos, Gia, Look She Said they stole my brother money, then punched a dude, My name aint Angel, She look kinda similar, she gave him money to look like her and said go babysit him, who they calling ugly, Im Glad, picked up the trashbag, its was weed, gave it back to JEezy and told him I need Money, not cheezy ish, MOney I can buy Jordans with.... I got a son like you, why yall holding ya nuts on me?
    Von Rich MundoVor 8 Jahren
    Brandon Collins
    nigga wat..... Gucci ain't play wit cha hoe. It's yo nigga B.C. ya heard me from dat Shreveport, La in da nawf ya heard me. I'm a fool 2, I'm coming soon nigga
    Von Brandon CollinsVor 8 Jahren
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