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    Supernatural: Crush My Heart


    by egg07212003

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    inspired by "Crush My Heart",
    so i took the liberty to dedicate this vid to Something Wicked1967, the author of Crush My Heart on FF.
    a great story. thank you for writing it :D

    --"Sam wanted to be the old Sammy again but even more so, he wanted to be that hunter.
    ...Well not really the hunter. He wanted to feel close to his family, that was all."

    --"However, Dean knew Sam, the real Sam. Not the Elite Hunter one, but the one who was caring and sweet. The one who smiled so bright you couldn't help but feel better when he did so. Dean would kill to see that smile again."

    ---But i'm afraid it's too late to's too late.---

    Thanks for watching, any comment will be deeply appreciated.