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    Manzanares Hair Restoration Center - Men Hair Transplant

    Dr. Frank Manzanares

    by Dr. Frank Manzanares

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    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure performed on men and women who would like to reverse the signs of hair loss. It helps to correct androgenetic alopecia, scarring alopecia and other types of permanent alopecia. Hair transplantation involves transferring hair grafts (skin and hair units of 1 to 4 hairs extracted from a single donor strip) from the back and sides of your head (the donor area) to balding or thinng areas where you would like new hair to grow.

    Today, hair transplantation is a very refined outpatient procedure that can produce full and natural looking results, even after only one hair transplant session. When performed correctly, not even a hair stylist will detect that a person has had a hair transplant. However, it is critical that the hair transplant procedure be performed correctly to achieve such natural results. To do so requires a hair restoration clinic that can perform both Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) at the highest levels of skill, experience, and dedication. Manzanares Hair Restoration Center is in the forefront of this surgical hair restoration.

    What is hair transplant exactly?

    Hair transplantation is an artistic redistribution system that takes donor dominant hair follicles donor areas such as the chest or from the very back of the head (which are genetically resistant to hair loss) and artfully relocate them into thinning or balding areas. With current microsurgical technologies, this results in a very natural appearance. Basically, we take hair from where you have more than you need and put it where you need it more. The hair that is now growing will be permanent for the rest of the patient's life. Those newly transplanted hairs need no more care than ordinary washing, styling and trimming as you have always doing in your hair. The end result is your own natural hair growing the way nature created hair to look, feel and grow.