I love President George W. Bush!

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Negative, mediocre, mean-spirited people will never put down America or its President. History will applaud America's vision, courage, strength and sacrifices. We send our best men and women to far away lands to fight for other people's freedoms. In the first time in history, the world is led by a world power which goes to war not to take away other people's lands or natural resources, but to bring our freedom and democracy to others. Fear and tyranny will lose against happiness and freedom.

America is not perfect, we are only men, we are mere sinners, but we try hardest and only God can judge us. George W. Bush is a good man and our fight is a just and noble cause. We have defeated fascism and communism in Asia and Europe for our allies, now the real enemy is Radical Islam, not America.


I've met a lot of people who worship leaders( Staline, Hitler, Saddam,). their need for a god figure blinds their eyes... and you are one of these people who can't see lies. freedom! security! healthcare!!!! you need sometime away from skynews,healthy food, and a visit to palestine, irak and new orleans!!!! by the way the latter is a place in the USA, good president dude!!!
By husamflazy74 6 years ago
President Bush is the best president of all TIME!!!!! I love how he's come to be such a great US hegemony leader while suppressing any regret for any humanity. I only wish we have more presidents like him in the future. Im thinking we should just keep him for another 8 years. Then after that we can have Hillary Clinton and then Jeb Bush and then maybe George W Bush again.
By goldnerj 7 years ago
I love him too! He is a genuine hero.
By InfiniteJusticeComes 7 years ago
The more our enemies hate Bush, the more I like him!
By General 7 years ago
George W. Bush is a great man.
By United_States_of_America 7 years ago