The reality of Hell

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6.5 billion people inhabit planet Earth. An estimate of 107 people die every minute. By the time you've finished watching this movie 130 people will have faced the other side of eternity, be it for better of for worse. The only way out of eternal destruction is through Christ. Thats why we must take him to the nations. The great commission applies to everyone who has breath in their mouth. It's time to take a stand! Countless millions eternities are at steak.

9 commentaar

Si au moins elle disait ça!

Mais non, rien!!

elle a même effacer un comme de la Louve où pour une fois elle posait une question légitime!!

V'la une nouvelle folle...
Door Satori ♥ 6 jaren geleden
Mais elle efface mes coms et ne veut pas me dire pourquoi!!

Je fais que demander!
Door Satori ♥ 6 jaren geleden
Même en Anglais tu t'engraines Cosmos!! :)))
Door Lou Loulou 7 jaren geleden
Would you please answer me?

I just feel like there's something weird about you not answering...
Door Satori ♥ 7 jaren geleden
isn't Christ just another name for divine love? if that is correct, do you think we should drop the name Christian and be called together in divine love?
Door ozay rinpoche 7 jaren geleden
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