America: land of the free because it is home of the brave


by us_army_courage

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Freedom is not free, America will remain free so long as it is the home of the brave. God bless America, democracy, freedom and the brave men and women who have the moral, spiritual and physical strength to fight for what is right despite unfair betrayals by our so-called allies and by self-proclaimed liberals, who are nothing else by communist-minded weaklings. The real battle is being waged in our souls, forced atheism has displaced the soul of Europe and Islam is replacing it... Europe will be in a civil war like the Balkans, and new Kosovos will emerge. Let us learn from them and not let our own sense of decency overtake our self-preservation instincts.


je remercie l'USA pour le Kosovo
By Mensur 106 7 years ago
Great song for a great country! I love you!
By Civilization_Wins 7 years ago
Vive l'Amerique!
By wapswarrior 7 years ago
God bless Ray Charle's soul, and God bless the fruited plain from sea to shinning sea.
By Rush_Limbaugh 7 years ago
La force de l'Amérique est sa foi en elle-même. Prenons exemple.
By iul2 7 years ago
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