53-Another Former Christian Embraces Islam

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53-Another Former Christian Embraces Islam

1 comment

Salem Aleykoum Converts,
First of all, I wanna thank God and thank you for your videos. I've only seen 2 of them and they made me feel so good and so stupid. I'm gonna explain. I'm French (my parents are algerian)and I was born with Islam. Islam is THE religion for me and I did not need any proof of that. I felt good after having watched your videos because I was happy to share the same religion as the one you were describing. But in the meantime, I felt so stupid not to realize its beauty and how it can make someone good and proud of him/herself. Hamdoullah and Mash'Allah for you and your friend, I am very happy to see your strong faith but also feel ashamed not to reach this level Mash'Alla, Mash'Allah, Mash'Allah. Please God, increase our faith and make it stronger, and be our guide in this Earth, insh'Allah. Amin. Thank you to make me cry and realize the beauty of our religion and the chance I have to have been chosen by God. 'Amin' for your du'a. (Sorry for my english)
By Dounia698 7 years ago