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    49-Salvation in Islam vs. Salvation in Christianity


    by converts


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    Why do yo go against Gods Word the thora if one of the five pilars of Islam is to believe in The Books?
    All people on this planet are dead or going to die so that's a true statement. The sinful nature is the nature to go against Gods Word. Alle people have gone or are going against it. (Also see your own video at 5:41, 7:47)
    Salvation true Jesus is an easy way and not complicated. God did the effort, we have to repent by saying: I repent of my sins and I believe in Jesus, and try our best to be like Him, so to do works (James 2). So there is no blank check. And it's not about easyness but about truth. We are responsiblle for our own sins, but if you believe that Jesus died for you, you don't have to go trough punishment because of some mistakes in life.
    So which book is true (and not better or worse, cause we can also look at Quran 5:33 voor violence in Islam)? The Thora and Gospels, or the Koran? You decide!
    By NMLG19867 years ago