Tyga Feat Travis McCoy - Coconut Juice [NEW]


par PeteRock

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Tyga Feat Travis McCoy - Coconut Juice [NEW]

13 commentaires

turie normal c tyga
Par aminata92i Il y a 6 ans
im ova 24, give me that lime, tequilla got my mind like Pablo, plate so empty, my stomach say okay no mo if this, so I get grizzle like the bear from over the hedges, cut down the hedges, neighbors grillin every weekend, Ill tell dudes in negril no chiefin, no sleepin, just recon on my money, or like the roach spray yall be gone, buatty boys rude boys or rastas, the vodka make me like Putin, Sambo u to the flo, A once again Im a rida, I real deny ya, AAAYYY, are yall serious, Sun think not, if u hot, than describe me, exactly caliente, intelligente, nothin artificial like creatine, just taurine, return of the Red bull like Ryan the skater, tell Avril I got my swagger back, and Let MIA sing the song, Ding Dong, Head count, my money aint right, so we ignoring lyrics, spirits, or surgeon generals, the principle is gone, the school is home, yall far gone like saints on Halloween, treated, now I play mini-whos like tricks, hop on the track and top that....CAN U BUY THAT, it aint for sale
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
Ay yo Tyga whatup Cuz(no gangbanging) I drink the Coconut Juice to coat my stomach b4 the liquor, If a Chick aint top notch, I tell Her to lick herself, Im gone do me Like Rocko, Paid from the get go, no guap, cuz im Solo, Now twist that up, I bet u cant take more than 1/2 a blow, Yall aint inhalin like Clinton, Im keepin it mothership like Clinton, I aint tryin to see Clinton, Im gettin out on God Status, yall no status, no classification, yall just debatin, who the best, Im dressed for success, seen it come and go, don't miss it, but my Ms love the dough, Like Bush win in Fla, we aint honorable, no mentions, no pension cuz we don't retire, don't call me sire, don't call me at all, no voicemail,cuz i dont do it for fainmail, central ac, so no fans needed, sheddin light on yall, Like who was suppose to do?
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
raah trop bon son trop bon clip !
What else ?
Par gaut Il y a 7 ans
tyga the best
Par karim_971 Il y a 7 ans
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