Learn2Discern-Evolution- Fact Versus Faith

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We are to believe that evolution is a proven fact and creation science is a matter of faith alone. Expose missing evidence in Darwin's theory and confirm Biblical evidence for creation! Learn more at www.CoralRidge.org. Send this video to a friend.

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Sir Fred Hoyle??? You pull out Fred Hoyle as proof that evolution is false??? I don't even know where ot begin explaining the stupidity of this statement. For those that have no idea (something I'm sure you were counting on when you made this statement) The "steady State" Theory was a brief challenge to big bang theory that was proposed in the 1950's, its main contention was that the universe has always existed and had no beginning. The "Steady State" Theory has long since been proven useless with the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation in the early 60's. No one has considered this theory useful for over 4 decades. What angers me most about this statement is that you didn't even bother to discover what this man's life work says. Since there would never have been a begining The Steady State Theory makes creationism impossible! How can someone who wants to claim the creation of a universe by a God actually POINT to the Steady State Theory! You exaust me!
By joed1015 5 years ago