Humans- Cool Cartoon!


by Aniboom

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Coooooooooool! anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ...
By cutybaby123 5 years ago
%b mega peachy
By 6SexyMouse73 5 years ago
Congratulations, JarSqwuid, you've completely missed the point of why concern over climate change/pollution/overpopulation, etc. exists at all. The planet will get by just fine, yes. We won't.
By Chobthomas 5 years ago
Well this is egotistical. AKA fucking dumb. You guys must have pretty big goddamn heads if you think we're going to "destroy the planet." You know that feeling you get when you look up at the stars? Like you're an insignificant nothing? Well, yeah, you really are.

Do you guys understand how BIG this planet is? Honestly. 2/3 of it are covered in water and we've barely explored THAT. And you think we're going to KILL it?

Jesus. This is stupid. Even if we freaking destroyed all living beings on this planet, evolution would take over once again. Humans would die off because of this destruction, but I guess according to this video we're all evil and horrible and need to die anyway. So what do you even care?

Now I'm pissed. God dammit.
By JarSqwuid 5 years ago
][= super jazzy
By XXSweetChrissy 5 years ago
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