Ai7 Top7 Part5 David Cook

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By jkraft2920 6 years ago
I think this might be my favorite DC moment, he did a great/original arrangement of a well known song, and he did it his way.

His brother being there was special to him, and I don't feel exploited the situation, however, his brother being there probably gave him an edge in regards to his performance and his connection with the audience. Us women love to see a man get teary!! :)
By Maryutah 6 years ago
As others have mentioned, David's done anything BUT exploit what's going on with his brother to get sympathy votes. Yes, the MEDIA has jumped on it because it's a "juicy pull-on-the-heartstrings story", but he has absolutely no control over what the media says. THe fact is that he himself has been asked DIRECTLY about the situation a few different times now, and each time he has very gracefully and tactfully avoided even explaining what is going on. He's going OUT of his way to NOT get sympathy votes. He really, truly does seem like an awesome, incredibly nice, down to earth guy :)

And for the record, I don't thing that he HAS gotten where he has from sympathy votes. He's legitimately the best contestant left on the show.
By snl89 6 years ago
Everybody just ignore beachlady. I know that David Cook would not even speak about his brother because he did NOT WANT sympathy votes. When I heard he had a brother with cancer, I googled for months trying to find out something but found NOTHING. A week or so before Adam came out to the show, I finally found out about it...but not because David spoke about it. People are just jealous because he is so amazingly talented.
By melliesmom 6 years ago
i totally disagree with the point that david is exploiting his brother's case to win votes, if anything he's trying to do the exact opposite. I honestly think he has got far more talent to be the next american idol, even the whole american idol seasons combined. Go David Cook.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By lulit 7 years ago
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