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    San Francisco 1940s Movies: Impact DVD with Brian Donlevy

    A riveting Film Noir ride, Impact is the gripping struggle of a man rebuilding a shattered life. 1940s Noir superstar Brian Donlevy stars as Walter Williams, a successful businessman whose wife despises him to the point of plotting his murder! The femme fatale is the sensuous Helen Walker, who arranges with her lover to kill her husband in a rigged car accident. Taking a rather Hitchcockian turn, it’s her lover who’s killed while her husband escapes unharmed! Donlevy, aware of what his wife has done and the state of his existence, scuttles away to a small town to start a new life – but will his past catch up to him? With expert production, Impact is a darkly artistic film that shows off San Francisco in the 1940s beautifully. On top of the sparkling direction, Brian Donlevy leads an all star cast of superb actors, rocketing Impact to the status of classic.