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    Cult Sci-Fi Movies of the 1950s: The Indestructible Man DVD

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    Monster movie mayhem explodes in The Indestructible Man! Horror director Jack Pollexfen crafts the perfect Drive-In film experience with this delectable feast of 50s science-gone-berserk creature chaos feature. For those who like to route for the villain, The Indestructible Man gives you Lon Chaney Jr. (Phantom of the Opera) as an insane criminal brought back from the dead and on a vengeance fueled rampage! And the obvious kicker: Chaney is (nearly) invincible. The film is further fortified by the always able Max Showalter, who narrates and provides a backbone for the film, as well as the voluptuous Marian Carr as Chaney’s stripper love interest. Exquisitely trashy and ridiculously rambunctious, The Indestructible Man is one of the finest “bad” cinematic masterpieces.