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Alex is not like other girls. She is a 15-year-old with a secret, one that no other can claim. Her parents keep her hidden away at a coastal town in amongst the dunes of the shoreline, buying time before they must decide on a life-threatening operation.

When old family friend and plastic surgeon Ramiro arrives with his teenage son Álvaro, Alex begins to realise that his visit could change her life forever. As the parents wrestle with the complications that will arise as Alex reaches adulthood, Alex and Alvaro become close, their relationship causing tensions amongst the locals. However, as the parents battle it out to instill a sense of open-mindedness amongst their society, it is the children who prove themselves to be flexible in understanding the sexual leanings and complexities of others.

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I hope the movie made the producers money, hate to think it was a flop. But it's not medically accurate, the story is fictional for a reason, the theme borders on mythological. If Alex were XXY and the movie really wanted to portray an XXY, then Alex would be male. He would have male genitals and the entire story would be different. I guess there's no money to be made producing a fictional story of a real XXY male.
By Graeme-XXY 3 years ago
it's argentinian? i love this country :)
By XxManUxX14 4 years ago
Sympa ..! ^o^ ,,,.....
By aleeshalovely 4 years ago
You must get bad bi*ches! btw anyone wannt to chat?? :)
By cutybaby123 4 years ago
this video cheers me up a lot. chat with me! ?!,..,..
By sweethoney 4 years ago
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