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    Memories Of A Lost Soul - The Curse Of Eternity



    Memories of a Lost Soul were born in 1995 for wish of Buzz. On May 1997 they have recorded their debut-album "Son of my satanic creation" that obtains good agreements from the rock and metal magazines. T Finally they recorded "7 STEPS TO NOTHINGNESS", seven tracks+bonus of death metal with many progressive, black and gothic infuences. Nekroantimateria’s official video clip was recorded in 2005, and it improved the M.o.a.l.s. international range of popularity. Moals signed a deal with Deadsun Records (Fr) and in april 2006 "7 Steps.." is printed and distribuited Worldwide (Phd canada, Uk, Woodl chaos Japan, Adipocere France, Twilight berthis Benelux, Adrenaline Italy, Crash U.S.A., Rock Inc. Germany-Europe). Moals made some live shows to promote the new release. Subsequently they made a new videoclip, for the song "The curse of Eternity". In 2007 this song was ineserted in the compilation "SG Revolution vol.1". Magazines and webzines reward "7 steps to nothingness" with great reviews and consider M.O.A.L.S. as one of the most important italian extreme band. Now M.O.A.L.S. line up is formed by Buzz on guitars and vocals, Peppedrumz on drums & percussions, Morlock (from 3of8) on bass and David ..boards.