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KR - The Cave of the Arrow Puzzle


by raocow

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Unfortunately, you are correct raocow. I'm pretty sure this was the only level that might have been unfair on the stars (just played through the next few levels, and they are all free of this issue) I guess it comes with the whole "me losing motivation right at the end thing."

Thanks for doing this by the way - the videos have been excellent so far. Didn't even know you were doing them until a friend told me, heh. (by the way, you will most likely encounter a few minor glitches along the way, but you will be able to complete the hack all the way through to 6-8, I assure you that)

Also, I stay true to the whole "levels getting longer" thing. Oh, trust me, you'll have fun in a non-Kaizo-hell way ;)
By SNN135 7 years ago
If you throw an egg at a wall and it bounces a couple times it will turn into a red egg. When red eggs strike things they drop 2 star point thingys. In a place like at 2 mins in you can bounce an egg off the ceiling staight up and lick it when it turns red to get it back.
By Eggplantchild 7 years ago