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    Dragonball z super awesome z fighters squad yh opening


    by bigmansmallbrain

    (Pls Read)

    dragonball z super awesome z fighters squad yh will not be created till i get some voice actors cos this time i dont want 2 do it all on my own cos im to busy lately anyway these r the characters u can be or cant be

    Cant be:
    Vegeta, gohan , cell

    Can be: Anyone else just say who u want 2 be and post a video response with u doing a voice of the character u want 2 be so think of it as an audition lol anyway auditions close 30th of April 2008 so if u want 2 be in it u hav 2 say and give me a video response by then.

    anyway in this trailer

    Song: step up
    artist: i dunno lol
    album: yu gi oh the movie soundtrack
    anime: dragonball z