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    Amazing Spiderman #556


    by shazap

    The action in this story is getting going so that helps a bit but it still isn't that great. There's a bit of a twist when Spidey finds the hostages and we discover the doctor that he saved in the beginning is actually the crazed evil dude. I think part of the problem is the snow. The evil Mayan god king that has come to earth has also brought with him a blizzard as he says; he is the absence of warmth and the blackest night. I think that one's already taken but I won't tell DC if you don't. The snow keeps spidey from being spidey, he can't web around he's shivering I mean a bum stuffs his shirt full of newspaper, or able to move like himself. It presents him with a challenge but what is our favorite wall crawler if he can't crawl on walls. The good news is that the god king, this big dude who looks like a skeletal predator with giant batwings took spidey out pretty fast so you know there's going to be a big throw down in the next issue. There hasn't been much story around this particular arch so you can just wait and jump in on the action next week.