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    Adinath Temple Khajuraho (Part 1)



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    As the name suggests, Adinath temple in Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh is dedicated to Adinath the Jain saint. This is the last of Jain temples built around here. The temple is magnificently decorated with different sculpted figures including those of “yakshis”.

    The Adinath temple is situated adjacent to the Parshvanatha Temple, which is the largest of all the Jain temples in Khajuraho. This Adinath temple has been partly repaired over the centuries. This temple is quite similar to the Hindu temples in Khajuraho. Though a Jain temple, it looks more or less like a Hindu temple owing to its architecture and designing. A black image inside the temple gives the indication of it being a Jain temple. The temple has very fine carvings on its 3 bands of sculptures.

    Adinath temple is towards the north of the largest Jain temple, the Parshvanatha temple. It is a small temple; its ‘shikhar’ is simple with a graceful and elegant auspicious pitcher on the top of it. The temple's sanctum is simple as well and it seems that the altar had been built at some time later than the construction of the temple. The roof is constructed beautifully with lotus like stone, which adds to the beauty of the sanctum sanctorum.