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    Chale chaya chaya


    par amisha-lyon

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    lol!!ok ok !!yaar good!!
    i m crasy girl too!! dont worry
    Par amisha-lyonIl y a 7 ans

    candygirl .. this song is brilliant!
    it was one of the first tracks i heard - that got me inerested in hindi songs from the movies ..
    i went to see my first bollywood movie (i hope you don't mind me calling it that) in a cinema located near to an area with a high asian population.
    (i got funny looks - because all the people thought i must have took the wrong turning, and ended up in the wrong theatre. i am a big black man you see. lol)

    i chose well. my first film was: kuch kuch hota hai.
    (i love kajol) it had just come out in the uk, and i was determined to be one of the first to see it.
    i am so pleased i did. the best film EVER!

    ps. yes, i did cry

    lol. :-)

    Par frankie41Il y a 7 ans
    dont uderstand sannarishi , plz tell in english,thx
    Par amisha-lyonIl y a 7 ans
    என் காதல் நாயகியே!
    உன் பெயரோடு என் பெயரை
    இணைத்த என் தாரமே!
    Par sannarishiIl y a 8 ans