baby d - i'm bout money (new)

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by Lvick

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Underground Atlanta rapper, Baby D (born as Donald B. Jenkins. on November 5, 1983) was only 16 when his first album, Off Da Chain, was released in 2000 on Big Oomp Records. Two years later his follow up, Lil' Chopper Toy was released to much underground acclaim. A major label bidding war ensued, garnering the young MC a multi-million dollar deal with Epic Records.

He is now signed with Koch Records, and is preparing to release his first mainstream album, "A-Town Secret Weapon", on April 29th.

A-Town Secret Weapon is the upcoming album by Atlanta-based rapper Baby D. Little is known about the album as now, but the project has been announced by Baby D on his Myspace page. The first single was rumored to be "Yuuugh!", which features Unk & the Kadalack Boyz, and can already be heard on the net, but it has now changed to "Im Bout Money". A video of the song has been released on March 20th, 2008. The album features collaborations with Unk, Pastor Troy, Sean P of Youngbloodz, Gucci Mane & many more.


This that Polar Flow, and it aint BI, its straight Cold, Like ICe, Im bout Money from the Door to the flow, from Heaven to Hell, ONe thang I wont Tell, Forget a bail, we melt the jails, Not that we Hot, So tell Ox to holla at us, You ever got freezer burn, got you thinking its impossible, how can someone so cold, seem so hot, How can someone so young seem so old, How can someone without so much, seem to have so much, Okay now this Bipolar, Total opposites, clever disguise not for the cops, for the CIA FBI IRS Bitches, Okay Riches gone, So Macy got rich, look at they product, So I got Wealthy and took Norstrams and Bloomingdales on a date, and its not Hell Date, cause BET is blackface for 2008, Im MTVing it I need Worldwide Ports, so if I get caught Ill live in a city without courts, no judges, no grudges, just Us, How Marvelous. Im BOUT ME___Future ME_______Past ME, and present Me got me riding, SO im Coming For money, not Love, Dont Put Pinkys at me, I need full grip money
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
de la merde..vive les nouveaux du hip hop..Tss
By UrbanMusic 6 years ago
dat yung nigga goin off,i hope all yall real niggaz bout dat money if u aint fuck u
By yung_gutta 6 years ago