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    Blacks worm lives

    John Reis

    by John Reis

    Blacks Worm:battle of the Atlantic

    The big mistake of the aliens had been to give the
    Irst United States of America the Accumulator,
    basically a souped up alien Leyden jar which could
    hold the energy from a bolt of lightening.With that
    device Bushnell had quickly developed a fleet of
    deep sea electrostatically powered submersibles.
    Though the United States of America which emerged
    from the ruins of the first one wasn't as powerful as
    its parent,it had hung onto the Accumulator technology
    and its fleet of war submersibles.
    So whilst Fitzroy Black was watching steam and air
    powered mechanical robots being built,his nephew down
    in the Confederate States of America was doing battle
    with Farragut's wolf pack menace in a Stirling-steam
    powered David.