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    Merrie Melodies "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs" (1943)


    by 100X

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    Juan Jacobo Guzman Cazares
    I can't see why is it racist.
    Only would apply if in your family were slave owners, or your family were actual slaves, otherwise, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING CARTOON!!!
    Nick Bovenzi
    Lots of ignorant comments by stupid people. The only smart comment was the one by the person who explained it was made during WWII. All of you "white d-gooders" always have to read in something that isn't there. Wake up and get real, get over your ethnic infatuation and your "holier than thou" thinking.
    By Nick BovenziOctober
    It was made during World War 2, folks. Bob Clampett loved the black music culture. Vivian Drandrigde did the voice of SoWhite,. in fact. Many black artists contributed to the sound track.
    By GalaxieAugust
    Fake Emotion
    That whole thing was bad, though the worst was the Murder Inc. Van saying Midgets 1/2 price and Japs free, racist WB.
    By Fake EmotionAugust
    Clairobscure Mineral
    Well this gives to think, doesn't it?

    First of all I think this was made as a very dark humor answer to Walt Disney's success with Snowwhite and is fueled by the envy of a racist.

    I don't know what makes me more uncomfortable. That a generation grew up with this as entertainment or that people dare not watch this because they fear the amount of racism in it.

    That "refoogies" flag joke was pure evil.
    Dark Humor 10/10
    Appropriate for kids -999999/10
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