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    Blacks worm the beginning

    John Reis

    by John Reis

    Blacks Worm (Prologue)

    President Hilary Clinton listened patiently on the phone
    as Adolph Hitler shrieked his threat to sent a nuclear
    tipped A4 Ultima her way for the umpteenth time.She'd
    heard the Fuhrers rants before and quietly hung up on him.
    She looked at the map of the United States of America,
    all 9 states,the Confederate States of America to the
    south and the World Superpower to the north;Upper Canada
    and had a uneasy feeling someone was mucking around with
    her timeline.The top secret files from Major Donovan hinted
    at this.
    Apparently half a century earlier a alien starship had a
    disaster in Earth orbit.Apparently a diplomatic mission to
    establish contact with Earthlings had gone horribly wrong
    and the star ship had shredded Earth's history as it plunged
    back in time and impacted in Greenland at least a millenia
    President Clinton wondered whether she should raise
    this delicate matter when the Upper Canadian envoy
    presented its credentials in the afternoon.As she looked
    at the photograph of Upper Canada's top diplomat,she
    had to admire the giant alien insects choice of suit and